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Poetry Friday: Family Hound

It’s Poetry Friday, and I wanted to share my latest Poetry Tag offering. In case you’ve missed my previous posts about Poetry Tag, it’s a blogging game I share with my poet friend, Rebecca Newman. We take it in turns to give each other a set of words which must then be incorporated into a poem.

The latest words Rebecca gave me were:

As soon as I looked at the words I had an image of a spotty dog slipping and sliding around. This is the poem I came up with from that image and those words:

Family Hound

I am Spot

Dotty hound

Grotty hound

Sometimes tangly

knotty hound


I am Spot

Slippy hound

Yippy hound

Sometimes wet and

drippy hound


I am Spot

Leapy hound

Creepy hound

Sometimes tired and

sleepy hound.





(Poem Copyright Sally Murphy, 2016)


Now I’m off to think up some new words for Rebecca. Have a great Friday.  You’ll find the Poetry Friday roundup at To Read To Write To Be.